About Us

LovePNGs is a free PNG download platform, consisting of millions of high quality PNG photos, templates, and ingenious illustrations. If you’re looking for transparent PNG download for your projects or assignments, you’ve come to the right place. Our PNG images are copyright free. So use them in any capacity without worrying about grave consequences. Our long term goal is to help students and designers all around the world with HD PNG photos. PNG image download made easy with our servers hosting millions of free-to-use PNG image for our users. In return, we don’t ask for any kind of monetary assistance. People’s betterment is what keeps us going in our journey of helping people.

Who Are We?

We are a bunch of graphic designers and web page makers. LovePNGs team is running a social mission that is voluntary in nature. Our ultimate vision is providing a completely free platform to download free PNG thus helping our fellow designers save some time. We only offer high definition PNG images, so quality of images is not an issue in LovePNGs portal. Our site is the go-to place for thousands of users while looking for high-res image with transparent background. If you don’t believe our words, try our search bar for yourself and you’ll fully understand what kind of HD transparent image we have in our sleeves. Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

How do I download a PNG Image?

Downloading free PNG Image has never been this easy. In our home page, the first thing you’ll see is a search bar with find PNG Images written on it. Type the keywords of the image you’re looking for. Our search algorithm will come up with the best possible search result for you to download for free.

How do I find PNG?

With help of LovePNGs’ PNG search tool, you’ll find any PNG image that is publicly available or doesn’t have any copyright claim. You just need to search with proper keywords and our searching algorithm will do the rest.

Is PNG a image?

PNG is a bitmap image format that got its popularity thanks to the expansion of the internet. Unlike the popular image format JPEG, PNG takes much less space to store an image. Know more on this photo format by downloading a HD PNG free from LovePNGs site.

Are PNGs free to use?

PNG format stands for Portable Network Graphics. It is a lossless data compression format mostly used in the Internet. PNG is an open source format with zero limitations on copyrights. So, all kinds of PNG images are free to use by anyone and everyone.

Where can I download free PNG images?

On LovePNGs.com, you can download an unlimited number of PNG images without spending a single buck. The best part is, here all of the PNG photos are of high resolution and copyright free. So, they are up for grab for any sort of usage.

How do I save a PNG image from Google?

By right clicking on the image and then pressing the Save As option, you can save a PNG image from Google. However, those images will be of low resolution. To download HD PNG photos, visit LovePNGs.com where you’ll find millions of copyright free high-res PNGs waiting to be downloaded.

What is PNG good for?

PNG is a lossless compressed file that maintains all the details of the photos in a reduced storage space. Try downloading a high res PNG image from the LovePNGs site and you’ll understand the rest.

Who will benefit from our free platform?

Anyone looking to download high quality PNG images will be benefited from our website. This includes designers, students, web developers, educators, bloggers, marketing executives and many other people associated with other professions.

How do I use a PNG image?

PNG images have various practical uses. You can use a PNG photo to make a PDF or TIFF file formats. You can also use them in a Power Point Presentation, make an article using them. Check out our wide range of high quality PNG photos collection with a simple search.

How do I copy and paste a PNG?

PNG copy and paste is not a desirable solution when you can directly download high definition PNG photos directly from LovePNGs site. Just do a simple search, choose your preferred photo and click on the download button. Ta-da! Your PNG image is downloaded and ready to use anywhere you want.